A Sand Art, also known as Sand Show or Sand Animation, is the most compelling new art form to come around in decades. A Sand Show is created live on a stage, where people can see an artist actually doing the performance. The artist performs in total darkness, and the picture is projected with a high power and resolution video projector.

          A Sand Show makes every event unique. During a Sand Show, performance artist, Yelena Simone, uses a light table, sand, and music to create a powerful message. Simone paints each picture from sand using her fingers as brushes. She strokes, and moves the sand to create each new scene. The story unfolds as if it were a film. While Simone sculpts each picture on her light screen, the live production is shown to the audience on any number of large screens. Lasting 10 - 20 minutes or longer, Sand Shows can include music or narration to provide drama, cohesion, and make the production flow.

          Watching sand art come to life, in real time, has an extraordinary effect on the audience. It is usually performed in theaters, festival opening or closing ceremonies, TV-shows and at exclusive private events.






Windsor Symphony

Ballet Detroit

Capitol Theatre


Community of Christ